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In a world that demands reliable complex systems like cars, trains or planes, a solid foundation is needed. We provide such a foundation by building on open standards and open tools whenever possible, so that your designs are interoperable and accessible throughout your product life cycle – even in a hundred years.

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Areas of Expertise & Services

Requirements Exchange with ReqIF

Exchanging requirements across company boundaries is getting more and more important. We helped develop an open standard that every serious requirements management tool supports (ReqIF). Never heard of it? No worries, we help you to get your requirements exchange up and running.

Systems Modeling

Are you under pressure to develop your products faster, better and cheaper? Considering that product complexity is increasing, we need new approaches to achieve this goal. Modeling is a technique that makes your system description comprehensible to both, humans and machines.

Automated Natural Language Requirements Processing

Humans understand natural language, but computers do not. But in product development, we have immense pressure due to increasing complexity. We address this by automatically extracting a formal model from natural language requirements, which allows the automation of many activities.

Free stuff – because we like openness

ReqIF Studio: Free ReqIF Editor

ReqIF is the new and open standard for requirements exchange. ReqIF Studio is our free editor for ReqIF requirements.

Consequent: Free ReqIF Validator

Not all tools export ReqIF correctly. This free tool is indispensable for all experts who need to check ReqIF files for validity.

Free access to our library

We share knowledge because it enables effective and efficient systems engineering. Explore our extensive library of free information.