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Project Leadership

Formal Mind, with knowledge and experience of Eclipse-based projects, as well as excellent management and leadership by Michael Jastram, have brought the “openETCS software tools development” outstanding success.  

Dr. Klaus-Rüdiger Hase

openETCS project management

Handbook on Formal Methods

Michael Jastram and the team at Düsseldorf have done an excelent job in putting together, extending and improving various sources of documentation on the Rodin tool.

Prof. Michael Butler

University of Southampton

Driving the Open ReqIF Standard for ProSTEP ivip

By using open source, the neutrality of the results was ensured. With this, Formal Mind contributed significantly to the spread and acceptance of the ReqIF standard.  

Achim Seibertz

Senior Manager Advanced Methods & Technology

ProB Validation for Siemens SAS

Adapting the ProB model checker, duration wayside data validation was reduced from weeks to minutes

Jérôme Falapin

Siemens SAS

resolut GmbH: Open Requirements Exchange

ProR convinced us of the feasibility of open source in a commercial setting. The tool covers all important aspects of requirements management and provides dependability through open standards.  

Stefan Langner


You want results, not work!

Analyzing traceability, categorizing requirements, setting up a ReqIF exchange – there are many activities where you care about a quality result. In requirements engineering and management, there are many tedious activities that still need a skilled engineer.

We offer an alternative to hiring an expensive consultant: Let us do the work at a fixed price, a clearly defined time frame and guaranteed outcome.

How We Work

  1. Pick the outcome you need (e.g. ReqIF exchange up and running)
  2. 30-Minute conversation where we identify the scope of the ReqIF exchange
  3. Fixed price, time-boxed offer for getting it done
  4. You provide us with access to people and systems
  5. We work with the relevant stakeholders to define, test and document an exchange process, based on your requirements
  6. After launch, we provide 3 months support and fine-tuning

Tools and Services

Formal Mind GmbH

Requirements and MBSE Service Packages

We perform mundane but important tasks in product development in a fixed time frame for a fixed price to relieve your team. This includes traceability analysis and maintenance, SysML-modeling based on textual requirements and similar activities.


Semiant: AI-based Quality Assistant for Product Development

Semiant accelerates functional safety analysis with compliance and traceability automation Requirements Exchange Services, Training and Tools

A knowledge library for the Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) and requirements exchange. It contains content like software, checklists and references, as well as ready-to-go solutions.


Systems and Requirements Modeling Expertise

Hire Dr. Michael Jastram for Trainings, Workshops or Keynotes.

Our Proven Process


We start by capturing the context for the activity at hand.


A proper test setup gives us agility and quick feedback loops.

Producing the Deliverable

Based on your input, we follow a proven process to produce your deliverable following best practices.

Validation & Verification

At checkpoints and at the end, we validate the deliverable together with you and verify that it works as expected with life data.

Fine Tuning & Support

Once you are up and running, we provide you with three months of support and fine-tuning.