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  • ProR, RMF and Formal Mind at ReConf 2012

    ReConf is one of the biggest requirements conferences in Europe, and Michael Jastram has been a regular speaker since 2007.  This year, he will give two talks: Structuring of Requirements for a tight integration with Models: requirements management and modeling are related and complementary, but how tightly are they integrated in practice? Take SysML for…


  • ProR Snapshot Build available

    Good news to everyone interested in ProR – we finally have a snapshot build available on the RMF website.  If you are interested in ProR, ReqIF, etc., please give it a spin. The last release took place in August 2011 – an eternity ago, as far as software is concerned.  The reason for this long…


  • Requirements + UML = SysML

    What happens if you start with UML, take a little away, add something new and tweak it a bit?  Depending on what exactly you add, you may end up with SysML.  SysML created some excitement in the requirements engineering (RE) community, as it provides some rudimentary tools for creating traceability between requirements and model elements.…


  • ProB 1.3.4 released

    ProB 1.3.4 is available. The highlights of this release are: an “Evaluation View” to inspect formulas and values, an interactive “Eval” window to evaluate expressions and predicates, support for CSP assertion checking, an improved editor, e.g., with on-the-fly syntax highlighting, 64-bit versions for Mac and Linux are now available, several performance improvements.   Go to the…


  • RMF passed Eclipse IP Review

    It took a long time, but we finally achieved it: RMF, and therefore ProR as well, passed the Eclipse IP Review.  A reason to celebrate! So what’s the next step?  We’ll populate the Eclipse Repository and will finally pick up development again. We will also strive to make a release as soon as possible.  This…


  • Don’t make traceability a waste of time

    Do you remember working for the first time with a tool that supported traceability?  What a change going from, say, word for capturing requirements to DOORS.  And do you remember the moment when the honeymoon was over?  There are many things that can make requirements traceability frustrating: What exactly is the meaning of a trace? …


  • Formal Mind auf der EclipseCon 2011

    Wir werden mit einem Vortrag auf der EclipseCon 2011 in Ludwigsburg vertreten sein.  Am 3. November um 16:30 hält Michael Jastram mit Andreas Graf den Vortrag Requirements Modeling Framework: a Game-Changer.


  • RMF im Eclipse Magazin

    Michael Jastram hat zusammen mit Andreas Graf einen Artikel zum RMF im Eclipse-Magazin veröffentlicht: Requirements Modeling Framework Im August 2011 hat das Requirements Modeling Framework (RMF) das Licht der Welt erblickt. RMF besteht aus einem Kern, der Daten im Requirements Exchange Format (RIF/ReqIf) verarbeiten kann, und einem GUI namens ProR zur komfortablen Verwaltung der Daten.…


  • ProR is part of RMF

    We are very excited to announce that ProR is now part of the Eclipse Foundation Requirements Modeling Framework (RMF).  We decided to use the name RMF (rather than ProR), to keep the distinction between the GUI (ProR) and the various RIF/ReqIF cores.  The initial submission to the Eclipse foundation consists of the cores for RIF…


  • ProB 1.3.3 released

    ProB 1.3.3 and ProB for Rodin 2.1 is available. Highlights: improved performance, constrained-based deadlock checking, record detection, and many more. Find out more on the ProB pages.


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