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  • Even More New Features in ReqIF Studio

    We announced a number of new features in ReqIF Studio right before Christmas, including better SpecRelations (linking), Validation, ID-Generation and a few more. But we did not stop there, but continued our work. Read on to learn what we added. But first… Talk at ReConf 2016 Dr. Michael Jastram will talk at ReConf 2016, together […]


  • Many new features in ReqIF Studio

    Over the last two months, we put a lot of work into ReqIF Studio: We polished the rough edges and we implemented new features. Maybe you already noticed these, as we rolled some of them out silently, like jumping to the target of links. Others we already announced, like Consequent, the ReqIF validator. But here […]


  • New Blog launched: Systems Engineering Trends

    Update: SE-Trends is now a huge success in Germany. It has been running for over two years now, accumulating over 100 articles. There are also many discussions taking place. Therefore, we invite you to either have a look (if you speak German), or to visit it via a translation service, like Google Translate. If you […]


  • Consequent, the ReqIF Validator

    The first exchange of requirements using the Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) can be frustrating: There are many tools out there, and there are still some interoperability issues.  If a tool refuses to process a ReqIF file, where lies the problem? To answer this question, we developed a new, free tool: Consequent, the validation tool for […]


  • Beta-Testers Wanted for Binom, the New ReqIF Compare

    The Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) is used to exchange requirements – as the name suggests. But most of the time, you would do more than just one exchange, and if you do this, you may want to know what actually changed between two versions. This is not really news, and our free formalmind Studio has […]


  • ReqIF in the News (German)

    In letzter Zeit wird wieder viel von ReqIF geredet.  Hervorheben möchten wir unter anderem die folgenden zwei Artikel: ReqIF – Standard für den automatisierten Austausch von Anforderungen – Dieser Artikel gibt einen sehr schönen Überblick über den ReqIF-Zustand, zur Abwechslung mal auf Deutsch.  Dort wird auch auf aktuelle Aktivitäten in der Industrie eingegangen, in diesem […]


  • Where is ReqIF Today? Survey Results from ReConf 2015

    ReConf is the largest conference on requirements engineering in Europe. Of course, Formal Mind was present, both with a talk and as an exhibitor.  We have already posted a retrospective. At the same time we supervised a group of students who were participating in the Entrepreneurship Lab of the University of Düsseldorf.  Two of these […]


  • 8. Juni: Vortrag in Bonn (kostenlos)

    Für die Leser, die Deutsch sprechen und nächsten Montag in der Nähe von Bond sind, könnte die folgende Veranstaltung interessant sein: Michael Jastram wird beim Eclipse DemoCamp den Vortrag “Systementwicklung mit Eclipse in der Lehre” halten. Details hier >> Teilnehmer erhalten ein kostenloses Exemplar vom formalmind Studio Handbuch (solange der Vorrat reicht)!


  • Why ReqIF is better than RIF

    When the ReqIF standard was created, it was called RIF.  Only when the OMG took over the standard, it was renamed: Unfortunately, there was already an established standard called RIF, the W3C Rule Interchange Format. Today, both ReqIF and RIF exist and are in use.  Many tools support RIF as well, so potential adopters may […]


  • Finally See Big Cells as a Whole

    Thousands of users are using formalmind Studio on a regular basis, and we get a lot of positive feedback and words of encouragement.  But there is one thing that drives many users mad: If an attribute is large, then it is not shown as a whole, but “truncated”.  This is particularly annoying for embedded images.  […]


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