Consequent, the ReqIF Validator

The first exchange of requirements using the Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) can be frustrating: There are many tools out there, and there are still some interoperability issues.  If a tool refuses to process a ReqIF file, where lies the problem? To answer this question, we developed a new, free tool: Consequent, the validation tool for ReqIF files. Read more about it below.

Formal Mind at EclipseCon and TdSE

But first, let us remind you of two upcoming events next week and the week thereafter. Dr. Michael Jastram will talk about the use of ReqIF in the rail industry:

If you would like to meet at one of these conferences, please drop us a note.

Binom Beta-Test starting soon

In mid November, we will release a beta-version of Binom, which is the name of the new ReqIF compare component. Once released, Binom will not be free of charge. Join the Binom Beta Test >>

Consequent Requirements Validation

Our new component Consequent is completely free and built right into formalmind Studio. Just right-click on a ReqIF file in the Project Explorer and select Validate | Consequent ReqIF Validation. You will get a list of all issues in the Problem View.  Further, you can see the problems right in the XML, as shown here:

Consequent validates ReqIF files according to a number of criteria, which include:

  • Violations of the ReqIF specification
  • Validation of the ReqIF and XHTML schemas
  • Checking whether embedded objects exist
  • Validation of Links across files (command line version only)
  • Violations of the ProStep Implementor Guide

The resulting issues are classified as errors or warnings, depending on whether they represent actual problems, or just violations of best practices. Of course, you can disable individual validation rules.

Detailed instructions on usage, as well as the command line version, can be found at the Consequent Page at Formal Mind >>


We would like to thank the ProStep ReqIF Implementor Forum, an industry group concerned with the interoperability of ReqIF tools, which financed this functionality.

We hope that you find Consequent useful.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /