The Four Events That You Should Not Miss At ReConf 2016

ReConf 2016, arguably the most important conference on requirements in Germany, will take place next week in Munich. If you are concerned with ReqIF or requirements engineering, read on to learn about the talks and events that you should not miss. Of course, Formal Mind is active there as well with a talk on the ISO 29910 standard, together with Dr. Andrea Herrmann.

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ReConf 2016 – Four events you should not miss

So here are the events that we strongly recommend you to visit:

Is my ReqIF tool compatible?

Just because it says “ReqIF” does not mean it fully supports “ReqIF”. Many tools have limitations and don’t support the full set of ReqIF features. requisis aims to make this more transparent by building a database with the features of the various tools. Nikolai Stein will present this database at the science track. This database is already accessible. So if you want to see how two tools play together, check out the interactive tool.

Monday, 19:00, Room Ammersee 2: Interoperabilität von verschiedenen ReqIF-Schnittstellen

Using ReqIF with ISO 29110

The standard ISO 29110 is a lightweight process for software and systems engineering. Our talk is primarily concerned with the standard, but we will also report on a case study that used the standard for a student project. In this project, formalmind Studio was used as the requirements tool. So visit this talk to see ReqIF-based requirements management.

Tuesday, 12:05, Room Ammersee 1: Standardkonforme Entwicklung mit ISO 29110 – auch für die Kleinen

See how different tools deal with ReqIF – life!

The ProStep Implementor Forum has the mission to ensure that the various ReqIF implementations are really interoperable. To make this tangible, vendors of ReqIF-compatible tools have a chance to present their tools during the lunch break. And interested parties have a chance to see the tools in action and to ask questions to the various vendors.

Tuesday, 12:50, Room Wörthsee: Anforderungsaustausch mit OMG ReqIF (Tooldemonstration)

Standards create companies – The story of ReqEdit

The creation of the ReqIF standard produced quite a bit of motion in the tool market: established companies scrambled to implement ReqIF support, and new players entered the field. One of them is ReqEdit, which sells a lightweight, ReqIF-based tool. They tell the story of their company:

Tuesday, 11:10, Room Ammersee 2: Die Geschichte hinter ReqEdit

See you in Munich!

Of course, ReConf has much more to offer: besides great talks, it is the place to network with the RM&E-Community. If you want to hook up with us, please drop us a line.