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  • Learn about Requirements and Systems Engineering

    With the free formalmind Studio, it is finally possible to do professional requirements engineering, without having to invests thousands in a tool that offers far more than the typical user needs.  While we’re working on improving the documentation, getting started can be a challenge.  But fear not, help is on the way. Canceled Free Workshop: […]


  • The Standards Jungle of Systems Engineering

    ISO 26262 The Standards Jungle of Systems Engineering  


  • Rodin Handbook Now Available in Print

    A while ago, we supported the EU project Deploy and produced a handbook for the Rodin platform, a tool for creating formal specifications using the Event-B method.  This book was a great success, but only available electronically (for free, licensed under a Creative Commons license). Due to high demand, in particular from universities teaching formal […]


  • ProR 0.10.0 Available Via formalmind Studio – Download Now!

    You may have noticed that a lot of time has passed since the last release or ProR, which was 0.9.0.  Be assured that we’ve been busy behind the scenes: The next release, 0.10.0, will comply with the Eclipse Release Process.  And this is a lot of work. What we published so far were not “releases”, […]


  • Traceability between UML and Requirements with ProR

    Working with Requirements should not be an isolated activity – they interact with many aspects of the development process: progress is tracked by checking how many requirements have been implemented; tests demonstrate that requirements are correctly implemented; elements of the system specification show how requirements will be realized; and much more. Link UML/SysML elements with […]


  • Reporting for ProR – the Results

    Half a year ago, we announced that a student, Said Salem, would work on creating a better reporting solution for ProR in the context of his master thesis.  The good news is: He completed his thesis and passed the exam.  The bad news: The resulting implementations did not mature beyond a prototype stage, meaning that […]


  • What’s keeping you from using ProR in production?

    The ProR tool already made an impact, both as the reference implementation of the ReqIF standard, and as an important puzzle piece for Eclipse-based Systems Engineering.  But we also know that there is still some work to be done, before ProR becomes fit for industrial use.  For this, we need your help.  Read on to […]


  • Formal Mind wishes you a peaceful holiday season

    Another year has passed, and we would like to thank our customers and the users of our technologies for working with us. The holiday season is a good time for reflecting, and we are proud to see our motto – science for systems engineering – applied in practice.  What we achieved has been made possible […]


  • If you need to comply with ISO 26262, IEC 61508 or similar standards, you may need to work more formal

    It’s quite impressive how safe cars, planes and trains are today.  Looking at this, it seems that we understand really well how to build reliable systems. This is in part due to safety standards.  When they are not followed, as it seems to have been the case with Toyota, things can go wrong.  Safety standards […]


  • Human Rights and Open Source

    Today is Blog Action Day. It’s a day for spreading awareness of human rights, or the lack thereof, in the world.  As a corporation, we have to be concerned with being profitable.  Nevertheless, our roots are in academica, and our products are based on open source.  Thus, we have a strong culture of sharing.  We […]


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