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  • Getting the most out of collaborations between science and industry

    The Atlas is a remarkable detector.  It weighs as much as the Eiffel tower, consists of 10 million parts, and generates more data each day than Twitter does.  But as a recent Economist article states, as impressive is the fact that it is a collaboration involving more than 3,000 researchers from 175 institutes in 38 […]


  • Using ProR for ReqIF Testing

    As more and more tools in the market support ReqIF, it becomes more and more important to inspect the generated files and to perform troubleshooting.  This is currently done in a systematic fashion by the ReqIF Implementor Forum,  a project group that ensures interoperability between different ReqIF-based implementations.  We are supporting this forum by generating […]


  • RMF 0.6.1 update, .reqifz Import/Export and ReConf 2013

    If you downloaded RMF/ProR Version 0.6.0, you may have had a problem when using an older Java version (less than Java 7, to be prcise).  We just published a service update that loosens this rather strict and unnecessary requirement.  No need to download the new version, just update via Help | Check for Updates.  This […]


  • ProR 0.6.0: The best ProR so far

    We are proud to announce the publication of the ProR 0.6.0 snapshot.  While still in incubation, this version provides some significant improvements with respect to usability.  If you use ProR 0.5.0, you can update your installation simply via Help | Check for Updates.  Try it now, or download it here. The highlights of 0.6.0 include: […]


  • Resolving Merge Conflicts with the ProR Team Plug-In

    Merge Conflicts In a team setting, there is always the risk of a merge conflict.  Without a conflicht, the Team plug-in automatically merges changes upon update.  But if a conflict occurs, the user has to intervene.  While the commit will still be triggered, the user will receive a message that committing is not possible, unless […]


  • ProR Team Plug-In with Workflow Support

    Update: The information shown here is outdated.  The current state of team support is described in the fmStudio Handbook.  We are working on commercial team support. If this is of interest to you, then please let us know, so that we can inform you when it is available. Recently we published ReqIF-comparing as the first […]


  • Visit us in Braunschweig at Forms/Format

    We are happy to announce that we will be present at the conference FORMS/FORMAT in Braunschweig, both with a paper (and presentation) and a tool exhibition. The paper is entitled “A Systems Engineering Tool Chain Based on Eclipse and Rodin”. We’d be delighted to see you there.   Would you like to get regular updates […]


  • Comparing ReqIF Files with ProR Essentials Diff

    We just released ProR Essentials 0.5.0, which comes with a new feature, an extension for comparing ReqIF files.  We also published ProR 0.5.0, which is required for using the new Essentials features. Installing, not upgrading A lot of refactoring happened for the new ProR release.  Therefore, unfortunately it is not possible to upgrade from 0.4.0 […]


  • Manual Testing with ProR

    Automated test are great (we use them – the RMF project currently runs over 200 automated tests, all passing).  But there are some situations where automating tests is just not worth the while – GUI tests are one example.  So the manual tests and their results have to be recorded somewhere.  An obvious, quick approach […]


  • ProR 0.4.0 Snapshot Available – Rich Text Support is Here!

    The RMF team is proud to announce the availability of ProR 0.4.0.  You can download it from the Eclipse RMF Download page.  We hope that you will take the time to check it out. This build fixes 21 Bugs and Feature Requests, including: Better Performance – a cache has been implemented to make the Specification […]


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