We focus on industries that develop safety-critical systems.  We currently have customers in the transportation and the automotive industries.

Transportation Industry

The transportation sector is one industry where formal methods are already in use in some cases, specifically regarding train control or the door systems on trains. Our tool ProB is already used by industrial players like Siemens and Alstom as well as others.

“The work done with ProB is a great success. Thanks to the automatization and ProB, the wayside data validation is quicker, easier and complete.”

Jérôme Falampin, Siemens SAS

We offer various services along with the ProB tool. These include maintenance contracts, the integration of ProB into existing processes and tool chains, and the adaptation of ProB to your needs.

Automotive Industry

The German automotive industry created the Requirement Interchange Format (RIF/ReqIF), which will have a profound impact on the data exchange and requirements between suppliers and manufacturers. Formal Mind helps your to integrate a RIF-based data exchange into your existing systems and processes. We achieve this by taking advantage of the open source ProR platform.

We offer RIF/ReqIF-based services, including maintenance, integration of RIF/ReqIF into existing processes and tool chains as well as tailoring ProR to fit your needs.

Other Industries

Our technologies are not tied to a certain domain – we have simply found applications for them in the industries mentioned above.  Our technologies are applicable where safe operations, a high investment or even human life may be at stake.  Industries where this may apply include:

  • aviation
  • medical systems
  • finance
  • energy
  • telecommunications


We are an academic spin-off and maintain close ties with scientists in our field all over the world.  We act as a service provider to academic projects and participate in public research projects like ZIM-KOOP or Eurostars.