Research-centric jobs in industry are rare.  Formal Mind provides an environment that gives talented scientists the ability to apply their skills in industry while staying on the cutting edge.  We leave you room to perform active research parallel to doing your day job.

Eclipse RCP Developer

You not only use Eclipse, you also program for it?  You believe in open-source principles?  If you join our team, you have the opportunity to work on cutting edge technology, and even become an Eclpse committer.

Consultant (Formal Specifications)

You like being in touch with real customers?  You have a basic understanding of formal methods?  Then consider applying as a consultant.

Computer Scientists

When you hear B and Z, do you think about the alphabet or formal methods?  Is Eclipse an exciting natural phenomenon or a rich client platform?  Do you like programming languages that have far too many parenthesis?  If so, and if you are looking for an exciting work environment, please contact us and we will take it from there.

Pursuing a Doctorate

We have the capacity to supervise and fund doctoral students.  If you are interested in a program in the fields of formal methods or requirements traceability, please contact us.

Master Thesis in Business with Formal Mind

We are looking for students who would like to write their master thesis with Formal Mind.  We have interesting topics in the areas of market research and strategy.  This work is compensated.


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