RMF passed Eclipse IP Review

It took a long time, but we finally achieved it: RMF, and therefore ProR as well, passed the Eclipse IP Review.  A reason to celebrate!

So what’s the next step?  We’ll populate the Eclipse Repository and will finally pick up development again. We will also strive to make a release as soon as possible.  This may take a little longer, however, as we still have an CQ pending for the Agilegrid component that we are using.  Even though Agilegrid is licensed under the EPL, this is still necessary, as Agilegrid is not an official Eclipse project.

Before we submitted the code, we did some serious refactoring of the code base.  Amongst other things, we switched ProR to the ReqIF backend.  Therefore, we will support ReqIF 1.0.1, rather than RIF 1.2, moving forward.

Image: koratmember / FreeDigitalPhotos.net