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  • Ivory Tower Modeling with MBSE

    Ivory Tower Modeling with MBSE

    There are many ways on how to do Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) wrong. One of the problems is what I call Ivory Tower Modeling.

  • Interview with Neil Maiden: Use Goals and Start from the Middle Out

    Neil Maiden is Professor of Digital Creativity in the Faculty of Management at the Cass Business School, and co-founder of the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice at City, University of London. He initiates and leads interdisciplinary research in software engineering, creativity science and integrated health and social care. As keynote speaker at ReConf 2017, […]

  • 18 Things You Can Do With Your System Models

    System models are powerful tools that allow improving many aspects of Systems Engineering, from traceability, change management to test case generation. But there is also a dark side: Modeling can become an end in itself, without a clear definition of a goal for the model. Chaotic, hard to read models can create more problems then […]

  • How to Model a Specification

    In the last two articles of this series, we learned what requirements modeling is in the first place, and why it is a good idea (if done right). We also learned that there is nothing magical about modeling, on the contrary: You may already do requirements modeling without even knowing that you do it. Modeling […]

  • What is a Requirements Model?

    This is the second part of the mini-series “requirements modeling”. In this article, we create a common understanding on what modeling is in general, and a requirements model in particular. Models in General Models are used everywhere in life, not just for systems and requirements. It is generally considered a “small copy of something that […]

  • Why Modeling Requirements is Better than the Alternative

    Requirements are usually captured in natural language. This is fine for small project and no special training is needed to read the requirements. But there are advantages to modeling requirements. Before we discuss why modeling requirements is a good idea, we need to figure out and understand a number of things. Therefore, this is the […]

  • Why Paper Still Matters in the World of Models

    Modeling has been a hot topic for many years, with UML being one of the most popular ones. Models have many advantages: They provide structure, remove redundancies, and allow fancy things to be done with the model, even the generation of tests or code. We also sometimes model without even noticing: Software code represents also […]