Better Link creation with RMF ProR 0.7.0

We are proud to announce the release of RMF ProR 0.7.0 and ProR Essentials 0.7.0.  Download them now from the Eclipse website.  If you already have ProR 0.5.0 or newer, simply update via Help | Check for Updates.

In Version 0.7.0, 16 features and bugs have been implemented/fixed. The biggest visible improvement for users is a new way of creating links between requirements (SpecObjects).

The old way of linking…

Before 0.7.0, linking was established by using drag and drop.  By holding down a modifier key (platform dependent), using drag and drop would not move the dragged elements, but link them instead.  While this works fine, there are some disadvantages to this approach: Only one link at a time would be created; the resulting link was untyped (requiring additional clicks to assign a type); “long distance” linking was tedious.

The old way of linking still exists, but a new way of linking as been added.

… and the new way of linking

With the new approach, starting a link and completing the link are two distinct steps.  Further, linking is not limited to creating one link at a time, but “n to m” linking is possible.  And last, the links can be created with a specific type.  Here is a demonstration on the new link process:

  1. Right-click the element or elements that you would like to link with.  The context menu now contains an entry Initiate Linking.  The number in parentheses indicates how many requirements are selected (see screenshot).
  2. Select the requirement or requirements that you want to link to. Right-click the element or elements to link the previously stored requirements with.  You will now see two additional context menus: Complete Linking to selection and Complete Linking from selection.  The number in parenthesis indicates how many requirements have been stored previously.  In the screenshot below, two elements have been selected, but previously, one requirement has been stored.  You also see that it is still possible to create untyped links, but that all existing types are available (in this case Realizes Link and isRelated Link).
  3. The selection of requirements that the process has been initiated with is not cleared.  Therefore, you can repeat the previous step as many times as you need, to link from/to those stored requirements.

Please spread the word and tell us what you think

We are thrilled that ProR is now being downloaded 200 times every month.  We are genuinely interested in hearing how you use ProR, what is good, what is bad, etc.  Please take a minute or two and tell us.  You can just reply to this email, or use the Formal Mind Forum or the Eclipse Forum.

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