4 Talks at ReConf 2018 we’d like to see (and 2 by Michael Jastram)

ReConf 2018 is coming up, taking place on March 6 and 7 2018 in Munich. ReConf is one of the biggest conferences on Requirements Engineering in Europe. Dr. Michael Jastram will be present with two talks: “Agile Systems Modeling: Contradiction in Terms?” and “Functional Safety and Agile, is this possible?” Unfortunately for the readers of this blog, the talks will be in German.

Besides these two, here are 4 talks that hold the promise of being worth visiting.

German readers: See this article in German at SE-Trends >>

Themes & Tracks

The theme of this year’s ReConf is “Walking new ways”. This is indeed necessary, as many well-functioning methods slowly reach their limits. However, more powerful approaches only make sense with a certain size or complexity. We are now reaching the point where the market requires change.

ReConf 2018: Walking new ways, as many well-functioning methods slowly reach their limits.


ReConf 2018 is organized into four themes, and here is our choice for each of these themes:

Agile: Sneaker meets Suit – Aligment of Requirements between agile and non-agile Stakeholders

Dealing with humans is a major challenge in systems engineering. This talk explicitly addresses implications of dealing with different types of people.

New Ways: Model-Based Requirements Engineering – Can it be Done Agile?

Not just a new way, but also agile. This is particularly interesting, as Michael Jastram will speak in his talk about agile modeling as well.

MBSE: MBSE a new way, or the same as usual, just slightly different?

This talk concerns modeling as well, but not necessarily agile. Aviation has always been a driver of innovation, and practitioners in functional safety will probably learn quite a bit in this talk. It deals explicitly with Standard RTCA DO-331, which complements the well-known standard DO-178C (Certification of Avionic Software). Heavy-weight? Maybe. Still, relevanta for all who are concerned with functional safety.

Transformation: Agile Management with OKR at BROCKHAUS AG – a Report from the Field

This talk takes “Management by Objective” to a new level. Objectives and Key Results (OKR) are an advancement of this principle. Here, the goals are quantified. We consider this management approach efficient and pleasant. Again a topic involving humans, and quite important.

Hope to see you at ReConf 2018!

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