New Documentation / New Writing / ReConf Special Sale

Better Documentation

A while ago, we migrated the user documentation of Eclipse RMF and formalmind Studio to a new publishing technology (Latex).  This allows us to publish the documentation at  the same time on the Web, as a PDF and as built-in tool documentation (Eclipse Help).  You can access the web and PDF from the Handbook page. In preparation for ReConf next week, we significantly improved the documentation.  Check out these improved chapters:

  • Overview – with sections on terminology and on the work of the ProStep implementor forum.
  • Import and Export – summarizes the options for getting data in and out of formalmind Studio.
  • Presentations – A concise documentation of all available presentations (plug-ins).
  • Searching – as the number of search options increased, we documented them properly.
  • … and many, many smaller improvements.

Free Handbook: Visit our talk and booth at ReConf to receive a free print copy of the handbook (while supply lasts).

New Writing

Michael Jastram just published a guest blog article at on requirements modeling. Please check out the article and the site for more interesting reads.

Further, the March issue of Eclipse Magazin (German) will carry the article “Systems Engineering mit Eclipse.” (on sale starting March 16, 2015).

Axiom Sale: ReConf Special

Next week starts ReConf in Munich, arguably the most important conference on requirements engineering in Europe.  Michael Jastram will be present with a talk on visualizing requirements.

We also take this opportunity to offer Axiom at a special conference price. Axiom is our component for intelligent requirements exchange.  Starting today, you can buy Axiom for €295, instead of €395.  The sale will end on March 20, 2015.  Please visit our Online-Store to take advantage of this offer.

Newsletter Survey

We asked – you answered.  Last month, we published a short questionnaire regarding our newsletter.  Here is a summary of your answers:

  • No German newsletter. We asked whether you would prefer a German version of this newsletter.  Less than 10% of the respondents said yes. Of course, asking this question in English may defeat the purpose, to a degree.  Still, for now the blog will stay English only.
  • What we will write about. While roughly a third of respondents were happy with the current mix, more than 70%  requested more of the following three topics:
    • Techniques and methods in requirements management & engineering
    • Eclipse-based tooling information (e.g. How-tos)
    • Case studies
  • Monthly schedule. Two thirds of respondents were happy with our monthly schedule, so we will stick with it. However, we will start writing more guest blog articles.
  • Just tools, please. When asking for products and services, two thirds were interested in RE-tools, and more than half in MBSE tools. There was little interest in training, consulting and coaching.