Save the date: SysML, formal semantics and their uses in model-based testing (May 27th 2013)

Formal Mind is pleased to invite you to the following event with
Professor Jan Peleska and Professor Wen-Ling Huang:

SysML, Formal Semantics and Their Uses in Model-Based Testing

Monday, May 27th, 2013, 10:00-12:30

University of Düsseldorf


Lecture will be held in German. Participation is free of charge.

Non-Faculty members, please rsvp at

Abstract: Over the las few years, the published UML and SysML specifications from the OMG have been continuously improved. Today they deliver an exceptional foundation for semantic interpretation. In regards to formal syntax and statistical semantics, the use of Object Constraint Language (OCL) an extensive degree of precision has been reached – this includes situations where one has to reckon with faulty OCL interpretations or conflicting textural and formal data. Natural language rules apply in relation to behavioral semantics. These are clear enough and can be implemented in a formal specification. There are ambiguities with respect to Semantic Variation Points, which need to be defined in a project specific or tool specific manner.

We will demonstrate how to construct a a formal real-time semantic specification and how the behavior can be expressed through block-operations and state machines. This construction leads to a transitional relationship which combines discrete steps in zero time with delays, producing a real-time semantic with either dense time or discrete time, synchronous or interleaving semantics. We will demonstrate the practical application of construction in model-based testing and Bounded Model Checking with the help of the RT-Tester tool, which was developed by Verified Systems with the cooperation of the University of Bremen.