formalmind Studio & ProR improvements – and beta program about to start

We just uploaded a new version of formalmind Studio on our servers.  If you are already using formalmind Studio, it should offer by itself to update, or check manually via Help | Check for Updates. So, what’s new?

Beta Test of Exchange Component has started

We just launched a beta test of our new Exchange Component that will go on sale very soon. This component allows the exchange of requirements between two (or more) parties, with selective updating of information.  How this is intended is described in the HIS-Process, which has its origins in the automotive industry.  There is still time to sign up for the beta test for free, before you will have to pay for it. Sign Up >>

Search-as-you type

In August, we already gave a sneak preview on the search-as-you-type feature, shown to the right.  When you open a specification, you can simply start typing.  matching rows will be shown, others will collapse.

Search, period!

A more sophisticated search interfaces is now also available.  In the spirit of open source, we got a new contributor with Hussein Mhanna.  He implemented several improvements, including a search & replace  interface. Below you see the search interface (big dialog). The node Criterias allows users to add as many criteria as they like, that are combined via “or”. A criteria can be an actual value, or an internal attribute like “identifier”.  The context-menu on the Criterias element offers the most common options. There are a number of operators, including “equals”, “contains” and their negations.

The results of the search are shown in the “Search” view, as demonstrated in the screenshot.  Clicking on an element shows the details in the properties view.  And most importantly, you can not only search, but also replace.

Hussein plans on making the interface more sophisticated over time, and this is a great improvement already.

Documentation is back!

Some have noticed – for a short while, formalmind Studio was without online help.  We are happy to announce that it is back.  In addition to being integrated into the tool, we now also generate an online version of the handbook.  The version you find here is the same that is hosted by the Eclipse Foundation, with additional chapters inserted for the enhancements that we provide.

Keep in mind that this is work in progress.  Both the online version and Eclipse version have a feedback button, so if you find errors, omissions or outdated content, please let us know.

GUI improvements

We fixed a number of little annoyances that should make life a little better.  These include:

  • A more comfortable dialog for selecting multiple enumerations.
  • Images in formatted text (XHTML) will now be scaled to the width of the column they are in.
  • It’s now possible to enter linebreaks in the XHTML edtior by using Ctrl-Enter.
  • Standard attributes that start with “ReqIF.” (e.g. ReqIF.Name) are now shown without the prefix and in blue, in the column headers (e.g. Name)
  • Switched to the latest Eclipse version (Luna), which has many improvements.

…one more thing

We hope that you find these improvements helpful.  And as a last reminder, you have at least three more opportunities this year to learn first-hand about ProR and formalmind Studio:

We hope to see you there!