New Blog launched: Systems Engineering Trends

Update: SE-Trends is now a huge success in Germany. It has been running for over two years now, accumulating over 100 articles. There are also many discussions taking place. Therefore, we invite you to either have a look (if you speak German), or to visit it via a translation service, like Google Translate. If you are interested, read SE-Trends in German now >>

Earlier this year, we launched a survey, asking how we could improve this blog. After shuffling through the answers, we decided to keep this blog as is, but to launch an additional, second blog. We are proud to announce:

System Engineering Trends

The Systems Engineering Trend Blog can be found at What is this blog about?

  • It is in German, as we realize that a lot of our readers (and customers) reside in Germany
  • It is generally commerce-free: In the Formal Mind Blog (what you are reading right now), we often talk about our products and services. SE-Trends is focused on independent knowledge transfer.
  • It is social: Content is cross-posted on various social networks, and you can easily share content. Of course, you can also comment directly (without requiring login).
  • It appears weekly: We publish new content every week. If you prefer delivery via newsletter, you can choose between weekly and monthly delivery.

Bonus: If you sign up for the SE-Trends newsletter today, you will receive a copy of the Eclipse Magazin-Article “Entwicklung mit System”, which was published earlier this year. Of course you can unsubscribe anytime.

And last, if you have ideas on how SE-Trends could be improved, let us know. In particular, for social sharing, we focused on professional networks (namely LinkedIn, Xing, Google Plus and Twitter). Should we also include personal networks (like Facebook or WhatsApp)? We look forward to your feedback.