A Library for ReqIF and Requirements Exchange

Some readers of this blog may already have discovered a new website that we silently launched: In September, we made available to the public.

Face-to-Face ReqIF Training for German Speakers

For German speaking readers, we are organizing a one-day ReqIF training on October 28 in Nuremberg, Germany. This takes place the day after TdSE, the anual event of GfSE, the German chapter of INCOSE. More Information (German) >>>

What is

It is two things: It is a library of content regarding ReqIF and the exchange of requirements. Like in a real library, content is organized by type (software, checklists, videos, etc.) and topic (Schema, Exchange, etc.).

But it is also a knowledge base for finding solutions. Library content is organized in “Solutions”, which group those pieces together that is needed for solving a specific problem.

This structure helps both novices who need to find a starting point for working with ReqIF, and experts who know exactly what they need from the library in order to be productive.


A lot of content has accumulated both on this web site and elsewhere regarding ReqIF. But there was no place with all information in one spot, making knowledge gathering tedious. Even on this web site, useful content was hidden in old blog posts and other places. solves one problem, but really well.

Most content is free, but registration is required. This allows us to engage with experts who use our free content, including ReqIF Studio. This in turn allows us, to improve our content where it really makes a difference.

And last, there is also premium content. After all, free content only survives if there is a solid business model behind it. We hope that you are intrigued by our premium offer. Finding customers will allow us to produce more content (free and premium), and to continue to support open source by ongoing development of ReqIF Studio.

What’s in the library?

The following image shows the types of content that you find in the library:

As you can see, there is a diverse range of content, and we will add more over time.

New Content on a Regular Basis

We will produce new free and premium content every months. Even though the library only launched a few weeks ago, there is already significant useful content available. We look forward to seeing you at