6 Trends in Embedded Systems Development That Will Affect Systems Engineering


There is no question that a transformation is taking place in product development: New technologies are making new products possible, and are changing the way how we think about existing products, like cars. But what are the trends driving this transformation? This article outlines six trends, based

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ReqIF in 2018: Silently Growing

ReqIF, the Requirements Interchange Format, is arguably the accepted format for exchanging requirements. Every serious requirements tool supports it, and ReqIF.academy has over 3000 members, demonstrating the ongoing interest in ReqIF. Yet, the press has been silent. It seems that there were few news on ReqIF. In

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The Vision of the Connected Car: C-V2X in Denver


Connecting cars promises many benefits, from saving time (rerouting around traffic jams and towards parking spaces), money (driving in platoon) and providing safety (warning of road hazards ahead of time). Of course, there are also risks, in particularly with respect to safety, due to bugs or malicious

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