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  • 6 Trends in Embedded Systems Development That Will Affect Systems Engineering

    There is no question that a transformation is taking place in product development: New technologies are making new products possible, and are changing the way how we think about existing products, like cars. But what are the trends driving this transformation? This article outlines six trends, based on the keynote of Jean-Marc Chery (STMicroelectronics) at […]

  • Dealing with Change in Systems Engineering

    Dealing with change is getting increasingly difficult, as change in general accelerates. Therefore, we need new paradigms for dealing with change. This article outlines the idea of building a library of patterns for managing change in product development. Many organizations have established processes for managing change, and also have initiatives for transforming their organization. The […]

  • ReqIF in 2022: Silently Growing

    ReqIF, the Requirements Interchange Format, is arguably the accepted format for exchanging requirements. Every serious requirements tool supports it, and has over 3000 members, demonstrating the ongoing interest in ReqIF. Yet, the press has been silent. It seems that there were few news on ReqIF. In this case, no news are good news. It […]

  • How Changan is transforming their product development with MBSE

    This week, I was attending ASEC 2018 in the UK on behalf of Jama Software. This is the main conference of the UK Chapter of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). Andy Howells was providing insights on how Changan is transforming their product development with MBSE. This is a great topic, as there are […]

  • IoT Security: A Tsunami is coming

    The numbers speak for themselves: There will be 1 trillion connected devices by 2035, but less than 4% of new devices include embedded security. Keep in mind that years, or decades will pass, until today’s embedded devices will be decommissioned. This is a Tsunami in the making, and we predict that the big disasters are […]

  • The 4 Elements of IoT development

    More and more products are connected, and are therefore part of the Internet of Things (IoT). But IoT development is fundamentally different from the development of more traditional products. This is a challenge for new companies that enter the market, but established organizations struggle even more, as their established and proven approaches are suddenly not working […]

  • The Power of a One-Pager (And How You Can Put It to Use)

    Putting information on a single page can be incredible useful if done right. While the trend is towards modeling, we argued before that documents still have their place. A one-pager is compelling, as there really is no excuse to read it. Unless you are using 3 Point font, you should be able to read and […]

  • 3 Ways for Writing Black Box Specifications

    There are many techniques that help dealing with today’s increasing product complexity. In the following, we describe the black box paradigm, and 3 ways for applying it. While you hopefully have an overarching strategy for coping with product complexity, individual techniques can be applied quickly for harvesting the low hanging fruit. Event Alert: We are […]

  • The Vision of the Connected Car: C-V2X in Denver

    Connecting cars promises many benefits, from saving time (rerouting around traffic jams and towards parking spaces), money (driving in platoon) and providing safety (warning of road hazards ahead of time). Of course, there are also risks, in particularly with respect to safety, due to bugs or malicious activities. But this will not stop progress, and […]

  • Why it is a great time to be a Systems Engineer (and how to become one)

    Until not too long ago, only few companies employed Systems Engineers. In fact, until recently, there was not even a clear career path to become one. Things are changing on both fronts: The demand for Systems Engineers is going up steadily. And there are now systematic career paths for becoming a Systems Engineer.

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