European ReqIF Workshop & INCOSE Interview

This is just a quick announcement for an upcoming event. We’d like to let you know that a face-to-face ReqIF workshop (English) will take place on April 28, 2017. You have the chance to get all your ReqIF questions answered and to dive deep into the subject matter.

The training takes place at Düsseldorf International Airport, serving all of Europe. This allows you to fly in and out at the same day. Or you can take advantage of the trip and spend a weekend this fun city.

Sounds interesting? Learn more (with Video) >>

We also have a half-day Workshop in German coming up on March 27, taking place in Munich. More Information >>

Interview with Paul Schreinemarkers (INCOSE Technical Director) Coming up Soon

In our next blog post, we’ll publish an interview with Paul Schreinemarkers, who currently holds the office of technical director at INCOSE. We will publish it as soon as transcript is signed off.

To say that Systems Engineers do not always show very good leadership is probably an understatement. (Paul Schreinemakers)

Paul talks about leadership in Systems Engineering, about the relationship to the project manager, and how to teach Systems Engineers to everybody who needs to know it, not just a few key people. It’s an exciting interview, so stay tuned!