RMF/ProR 0.3.0 released – so what’s new?

The RMF team is delighted to announce the 0.3.0 release of RMF and ProR.  If you currently use an older version, please be sure to update.  Please note that there is a separate update site for 0.3.0, so you won’t get the update automatically. You can download ProR here.

We believe that ProR now reached the level of maturity that allows it to be used in a production environment.  According to the old rule to “eat your own dog food”, we started to use ProR to specify more complex features.  The ProR specifications are converted to HTML and are accessible through the RMF Roadmap.  To see an example, here is the link to the “Import Feature” requirements.

So what has changed?  The complete list of the 19 issues that were resolved (and features implemented) can be found through a Bugzilla query.  Not included in this list are a number of minor fixes.  Here are the highlights:

  • The GUI is more stable and user friendly: There was a serious bug in the underlying control (AgileGrid) that resulted in the freezing of the UI in certain circumstances.  Also, a lot of annoying behavior in the UI was fixed (there were situations where the focus of the current cell got lost).  There are new actions (e.g. indenting/outdenting), and cycling with TAB through the cells, as well as synchronization with the outline.
  • Copy & Paste works as expected: When in text editing mode, text is copied and pasted.
  • Property view shows only relevant attributes: There is now a second tab that shows all ReqIF attributes (useful for debugging).  Also, unchangeable attributes (like ID) are now read-only.
  • XHTML is now supported in a lightweight fashion, by converting it to plain text and managing the “simplified” flag of ReqIF.
  • ProR now ships with help content, including a tutorial.  The content is the same that is found on the Wiki.  In general, lots of help content got added.

We hope that you enjoy the new version of RMF/ProR, and are grateful for any kind of feedback, through the RMF forum, for instance, or by commenting on the Formal Mind Blog.

Also, please consider subscribing to the Formal Mind ProR newsletter to receive infrequent updates regarding ProR and requirements.

– The RMF/ProR team

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net