ProR 0.4.0 Snapshot Available – Rich Text Support is Here!

The RMF team is proud to announce the availability of ProR 0.4.0.  You can download it from the Eclipse RMF Download page.  We hope that you will take the time to check it out.

This build fixes 21 Bugs and Feature Requests, including:

  • Better Performance – a cache has been implemented to make the Specification View more responsive.
  • Improved update mechanism – it is now possible to update ProR by using the “Help | Check for Updates” menu.
  • Support for RelationGroups – we implemented a workaround to a bug in the ReqIF 1.0.1 schema that prevents RelationGroups from working as expected – see Bug 378655.
  • Better Presentation Plug-In support – the Presentation back-end was refactored, implicitly resolving a few bugs and making it easier for developers to provide new Presentations.
  • Fixed a number of UI bugs – including unreliable drag and drop, selection issues, etc.

Rich Text Support (via ProR Essentials)

The most exciting new feature is the ability to render and edit rich text (XHTML).  This is now available via a free Presentation plug-in, which has to be installed separately and is part of Formal Mind’s ProR Essentials suite – a collection of plug-ins for ProR that adds new functionality.

The screenshot to the right shows the presentation in action: The content of the cells will be rendered with all formatting intact.  When a cell is opened for editing, a rich text editor pops up, featuring toolbars for the supported formatting elements.  Copying formatted text from other applications works, too.

Installation is easy:

  • Select Help | Install new Software… in ProR and select the Essentials Update site from the “Works with:” dropdown ( 
  • Check “ProR Essentials” (make sure “Group items by category” is checked)
  • Follow the installation wizard.

How to use it:

The presentation has to be enabled explicitly, otherwise the integrated (simplified) editor will be used.  In the following we assume that you already have a Datatype that is XHTML and an Attribute using this Datatype.  To use Rich Text Support:

  • Open ProR | Presentation Configuration…
  • From “Select Action…”, select “Xhtml” (Note: if this option is not available, then ProR Essentials are not installed)
  • Select the newly created element and select the corresponding Datatype from the “Datatype” field in the lower pane (see screenshot to the right).

If you like the new ProR 0.4.0, or have comments, critique or questions, please discuss it on the RMF Forum.

If you like ProR Essentials, or have feedback with respect to its features, please let us know, or discuss it on the Formal Mind Blog.

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