ProR is part of RMF

RMFWe are very excited to announce that ProR is now part of the Eclipse Foundation Requirements Modeling Framework (RMF).  We decided to use the name RMF (rather than ProR), to keep the distinction between the GUI (ProR) and the various RIF/ReqIF cores.  The initial submission to the Eclipse foundation consists of the cores for RIF 1.1a, RIF 1.2 and ReqIF 1.0.1, as well as ProR.

Migrating to Eclipse involves a lot of paperwork, mainly regarding intellectual property rights and licensing issues.  We are in the middle of it, and that is the reason that there is so little visible activity.  But it is important, as it gives users of RMF the confidence that there are no legal ambiguities in using the software.

Eclipse IncubationThe project is currently in the Eclipse incubation stage.  We invite you to explore the Eclipse infrastrucuture for RMF.  There is, of course, the project homepage.  We have our own forum (not much activity, but we invite you to get the ball rolling).  You can submit bugs, and we will soon migrate the bugs from our old Trac system.  There is also a mailing list for developers.

Once the code review by the Eclipse IP team is complete, we will provide downloads and code as soon as possible.  Stay tuned, and thank you for your patience.