ProR, RMF and Formal Mind at ReConf 2012

ReConf is one of the biggest requirements conferences in Europe, and Michael Jastram has been a regular speaker since 2007.  This year, he will give two talks:

Structuring of Requirements for a tight integration with Models: requirements management and modeling are related and complementary, but how tightly are they integrated in practice? Take SysML for example, which allows traceability, but in the end, requirements are little more than text blocks.  In this talk, an approach is presented that improves traceability between natural language requirements and models.  It is based on the WRSPM reference model by Gunther.  This alone improves the quality of the requirements.  But more importantly, it enables a deep integration with the model.  The approach works with various modeling approaches, here we use the formal Event-B method that our research is based on.   One key advantage of this method is, that not all requirements have to be modeled.  Tool support is available through an integration between ProR and Rodin.

ReqIF in the Open Source: The Eclipse Requirements Modeling Framework: After the release of the ReqIF standard in April 2011 by the OMG, there finally is an international standard that allows working with complex requirements.  This could allow ReqIF to become for requirements, what UML became for modeling: a common standard for the community to converge on.  This talk presents the Requirements Modeling Framework (RMF). RMF is a new Eclipse Foundation project, consisting of a RIF/ReqIF core and a user interface.  RMF grew out of two academic research projects.

If you are interested in meeting Michael Jastram at ReConf, please contact us.

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