• How Changan is transforming their product development with MBSE

    This week, I was attending ASEC 2018 in the UK on behalf of Jama Software. This is the main conference of the UK Chapter of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). Andy Howells was providing insights on how Changan is transforming their product development with MBSE. This is a great topic, as there are […]

  • 3 Ways for Writing Black Box Specifications

    There are many techniques that help dealing with today’s increasing product complexity. In the following, we describe the black box paradigm, and 3 ways for applying it. While you hopefully have an overarching strategy for coping with product complexity, individual techniques can be applied quickly for harvesting the low hanging fruit. Event Alert: We are […]

  • 4 Talks at ReConf 2018 we’d like to see (and 2 by Michael Jastram)

    ReConf 2018 is coming up, taking place on March 6 and 7 2018 in Munich. ReConf is one of the biggest conferences on Requirements Engineering in Europe. Dr. Michael Jastram will be present with two talks: “Agile Systems Modeling: Contradiction in Terms?” and “Functional Safety and Agile, is this possible?” Unfortunately for the readers of […]