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  • Dealing with Change in Systems Engineering

    Dealing with change is getting increasingly difficult, as change in general accelerates. Therefore, we need new paradigms for dealing with change. This article outlines the idea of building a library of patterns for managing change in product development. Many organizations have established processes for managing change, and also have initiatives for transforming their organization. The […]

  • The Power of a One-Pager (And How You Can Put It to Use)

    Putting information on a single page can be incredible useful if done right. While the trend is towards modeling, we argued before that documents still have their place. A one-pager is compelling, as there really is no excuse to read it. Unless you are using 3 Point font, you should be able to read and […]

  • 3 Ways for Writing Black Box Specifications

    There are many techniques that help dealing with today’s increasing product complexity. In the following, we describe the black box paradigm, and 3 ways for applying it. While you hopefully have an overarching strategy for coping with product complexity, individual techniques can be applied quickly for harvesting the low hanging fruit. Event Alert: We are […]