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  • Dealing with Change in Systems Engineering

    Dealing with change is getting increasingly difficult, as change in general accelerates. Therefore, we need new paradigms for dealing with change. This article outlines the idea of building a library of patterns for managing change in product development. Many organizations have established processes for managing change, and also have initiatives for transforming their organization. The […]

  • 4 Talks at ReConf 2018 we’d like to see (and 2 by Michael Jastram)

    ReConf 2018 is coming up, taking place on March 6 and 7 2018 in Munich. ReConf is one of the biggest conferences on Requirements Engineering in Europe. Dr. Michael Jastram will be present with two talks: “Agile Systems Modeling: Contradiction in Terms?” and “Functional Safety and Agile, is this possible?” Unfortunately for the readers of […]

  • The Four Events That You Should Not Miss At ReConf 2016

    ReConf 2016, arguably the most important conference on requirements in Germany, will take place next week in Munich. If you are concerned with ReqIF or requirements engineering, read on to learn about the talks and events that you should not miss. Of course, Formal Mind is active there as well with a talk on the […]