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  • Why it is a great time to be a Systems Engineer (and how to become one)

    Until not too long ago, only few companies employed Systems Engineers. In fact, until recently, there was not even a clear career path to become one. Things are changing on both fronts: The demand for Systems Engineers is going up steadily. And there are now systematic career paths for becoming a Systems Engineer.

  • 7 Advantages of Face-to-Face Training

    E-Learning has been all the rage lately, and – let’s be honest – we’ve done our part with the launch of ReqIF.academy. We took all our knowledge of ReqIF and started to put it on-line, mostly free. And this is great for those who need this knowledge, because of the ease of use and availability. […]

  • Why Paper Still Matters in the World of Models

    Modeling has been a hot topic for many years, with UML being one of the most popular ones. Models have many advantages: They provide structure, remove redundancies, and allow fancy things to be done with the model, even the generation of tests or code. We also sometimes model without even noticing: Software code represents also […]